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Plymouth Chemical Health Assessment

A Chemical Health Assessment is a confidential evaluation to determine if a person has a problem with alcohol or drugs. The assessment also determines if alcohol or drug treatment is needed, and if so, the intensity and duration of treatment. It is important that you meet with a client-centered medical professional so that your wants and needs are taken into account.

Following the Assessment, a recommendation is provided which could be anything from simple suggestions to a complex, multi-dimensional treatment recommendation. To ensure the most appropriate recommendation that incorporates your wants and needs, make sure to meet with a “private” Chemical Health Assessor that is unaffiliated with any treatment programs, so that the most objective, unbiased recommendation can be made.

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Michael (612.249.3656) is a Harvard-trained assessor who provides confidential Chemical Health evaluations (sometimes called Chemical Use Assessments, Chemical Dependency Evaluations or Rule 25 Assessments) in Plymouth Minnesota. Michael is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, works in private practice, is an addiction treatment expert, and author of, A Frenzied Mind: Clarifying the science behind addictive disorders.