DWI / DUI Assessment

What is an DWI / DUI Assessment?

DWI / DUI Assessments are mandatory, court-ordered evaluations of your alcohol use to determine if you have a drinking problem that warrants outpatient treatment or inpatient rehab. Even if a driving while intoxicated charge is reduced to a less serious charge such as reckless driving, or negligent driving, you may still be ordered to obtain an Assessment by your sentencing judge as a result of drinking and driving.

The DWI / DUI Assessments can have lifelong implications and it is critical that you select the best available medical professional, instead of just hurriedly going to a local alcohol and drug treatment center. This is because following the evaluation, your sentencing judge and probation agent will always order you to follow through with recommendations such as abstaining from alcohol, taking part in ongoing drug testing, and attending intensive treatment that will disrupt your life.

Picking a private medical professional over your local outpatient/inpatient treatment center is also vital because treatment center assessors can be more likely to recommend that you attend their intensive outpatient/inpatient treatment program, despite the fact that it may be excessive or inappropriate. Furthermore, because the evaluation is subjective in nature misdiagnosis can occur that would lead to unnecessary treatment and the stigma that accompanies alcoholism and addiction (or as the medical community now refers to as having a substance use disorder).

So without question, take great care in selecting your DWI / DUI Assessor.

Who is a good DWI / DUI assessor?

Michael (612.249.3656) is a Harvard-educated DWI / DUI assessor serving the Twin Cities and greater MN. Michael works in private practice and has advanced education in addictive disorders. In fact, through his Harvard research, he published, A Frenzied Mind: Clarifying the science behind addictive disorders.

Michael is a "private" DWI / DUI assessor meaning he works for you and not for a treatment center. He carries all of the qualifications to complete your assessment and has advanced training. When, or if, treatment is appropriate, he takes into account your wishes and always seeks the least intensive options with the most effective outcomes.

Call him today: 612.249.3656